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What is mastering?

Mastering is the finishing touch your music receives before it reaches the listeners' ears (and guts!) at the dance club. My goal is to provide an electronic music mastering service with a focus on sounding good instead of sounding loud as possible.

How does it work?

Through a custom Full-Range monitoring system and the finest plugins available, I can hear every detail of your music and make the final adjustments, ensuring a club-ready & distribution-ready track.

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What does it takes?

Its very simple: Send your music as .WAV 24bit, make sure it has at least -3dbfs of headroom and I will take care of the rest!

P.s: do not use any artifice on the master channel to make the track loud. It will sound louder when mastered anyway!


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Parallel Lines

If you value your art, you want it to be portrayed in the best way possible.

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Any questions feel free to ask or see below


1. Which genres do you work with?

Mainly underground electronic music: Techno, House, Minimal House, Tech House, Dub Techno, DnB, Electro, Ambient & More...

2. What is the turnaround time?

Around 5 working days.

3. How should I delivery my files?

​You may send them the way you prefer: through email, drive or storage service. I strongly recommend using Wetransfer, it's the fastest way for me and you.

4. Which format should I delivery my files?

Please send them in high quality formats such as .WAV or .AIFF.  Bit depth of 16bits or 24bits + sample rate of 44.1khz with no dithering is perfect. Make sure your track have enough headroom for me to work with, something around -3dbfs is fine and around -6dbfs is perfect! Also please don't use any artifices in the master channel to make your track louder, such as heavy compression or limiting. Creative use of compressors and saturation is fine though.

5. Which format you delivery back my files?

I send them back in .WAV 16bits 44.1khz + high quality .MP3 320kbps.

6. What is the payment methods?

Payments are done through Bank Transfer or PayPal*, after the approval of the material.

* For PayPal payments: +5% fee addition

7. Do you offer recall?

to provide the best experience possible I can offer a recall, for sure. Also, to prevent this type of situation from happening, when I receive the files I analyze them, identifying possible problems that can be solved during the production/mixing process, ensuring a satisfactory result.

8. Do you have any samples of the mastering service?

Yes I do! See below the A/B samples.

Red and Black

Maksim Goes Maardu

Chocolate Ashtray

Hugo Mesi
Las Fin Des Temps

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