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Nicolas Vogler is a Brazilian techno DJ, producer & mastering engineer. 


Strongly inspired by the dirty and energetic sound of the 90s, Brazilian-based artist Nicolas Vogler began his music career by DJing at underground events in his home country, developing over the years an extensive collection of tracks that reflect his keen research and unique musical identity.

Through his typical funky, fast, and introspective sound, Nicolas started releasing his tracks through his own personal label NCLS which quickly gained notoriety and attracted support from renowned DJs worldwide.


Today, Nicolas has a discography that revolves around just over 150 tracks, 30 albums, and 50 mixtapes signed on notorious labels and collectives of the global techno scene, such as Mutual Rytm, Planet Rhythm, Suara, Syxt Berlin, Malör Records, Orphic Amsterdam, Frenzy and Reclaim Your City.


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